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Sanyo unveils TV tuner-equipped NV-SD10DT GPS

Darren Murph

While typically not a dominant force in the GPS game, Sanyo is bringing the goods with its latest navigation units. The NV-SD10DT and NV-M10, dubbed "Mini-Gorillas," are targeting folks who crave a car-based NAV that can join the trek on occasion. Both units sport a 4.5-inch 400 x 234 resolution touchscreen, 1GB SD card loaded with maps and POIs, 1-watt built-in speaker, and a conscience-nagging Echo Drive II system which apparently notifies the driver of how harmful they're being to environment by quickly accelerating and idling in rush-hour traffic. The real star, however, is the built-in terrestrial TV tuner in the NV-SD10DT; while catching a break on the subway, the GPS unit becomes a portable television on the fly, providing instant entertainment when you've reached your destination. Both units should hit the Japanese markets later this month, and the NV-M10 will run you ¥78,750 ($669), while the tuner-packed NV-SD10DT demands ¥91,350 ($776).

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