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Virgin Mobile starts recycling program

Omar McFarlane

Not unlike Apple and Dell, Virgin Mobile USA is getting into the recycling business -- sort of. Their new program, announced yesterday, provides buyers of Virgin's prepaid phones with a prepaid envelope inside the box to return an old phone in. As part of its new partnership with ReCellular, your unwanted handsets, like the vintage Kyocera K9 or classic Motorola StarTAC, will be refurbished and then sold or donated. And so you won't feel so bad at the thought of someone else using last year's model, all the sale proceeds will go to helping homeless youth, which we're hoping will restore your faith a bit in phone donation programs. It should be noted though, Virgin isn't the only carrier being a good samaritan with what might be otherwise discarded devices -- Verizon and T-Mobile have also been spotted distributing mailers with new purchases.

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