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Xbox Live survey leads to future peripheral speculation

Darren Murph

Alright, so we've got Microsoft's HD DVD player finally hitting the hands of elated Xbox 360 owners, rumors of a 100GB 80GB hard drive, and an "all systems go" on the console's forthcoming Live Video service -- how could there possibly be anything else up ole Bill's sleeve? Apparently the company is at least pondering the release of several other goodies in the (hopefully) near future, including a premium (read: black) wireless controller with backlit buttons and rubberized grips ($59-$69), a "traditional joystick" for use with Xbox Live Arcade titles ($29-$39), a "mini-keyboard plug-in device" enabling text messaging and chat ($19-$29), and a long-awaited web browser built into Xbox Live (likely gratis). No, we didn't pull these four niceties out of a hat, but certain XBL members received a hint-filled survey that mentioned each of these devices (and bits of software) in particular, leading us to believe that at least some of these peripherals could see retail shelves before too long. The survey also made mention of an "iTunes-like" music service (Zune Marketplace?) that could offer $0.99 downloads or a $14.99 per month "rental service" similar to Napster and Rhapsody's current gigs. While nobody knows for sure what the (presumably positive) survey results will lead to in Redmond, we won't complain with Microsoft catering to our incessant demands.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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