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Custom car builder creates "world's fastest office"

Evan Blass

In a sure sign that they really will let just about anyone into the popular Guinness Book these days, an English gentleman named Edd China has just earned himself the coveted award for "world's fastest office" after pushing his Rover 100-powered desk-on-wheels to 87mph on a British racetrack. China -- who began building custom vehicles for a charity event and now designs them on commission with his company, Cummfy Banana -- has already assembled such masterpieces as a rolling sofa, mobile shed, drivable bed (what we call a "pickup truck" here in America), and most practical of all, a motorized bathroom. Although all of his creations are actually street-legal, China nonetheless gets pulled over on a regular basis -- though sometimes the cops just harass him for a photo op -- with his personal best being 12 traffic stops in one day. As the NASCAR-like decals indicate, the £45,000 ($85,700) mobile office (dubbed the "hot-desk") was originally built for a stationary firm, and comes complete with a keyboard steering wheel, mousepad horn, briefcase-based controls, and even a working computer and water cooler. Next up for China is a functional kitchen that he and a chef can roll around in, although for the kind of loot it takes to build these one-of-a-kind novelties, he might be better off just picking up a used RV and stuffing the luggage compartment full of caviar and filet mignon.

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