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Disney prepping content for streaming video iPod?


By now we're fairly certain that Apple and friends just do these patents for their own entertainment, to keep rumor mongers like us guessing and to publish uninteresting doodles to a mass audience, but they've got a new one for our dissection, and there's no use us quitting now. This time around it's nothing incredibly impressive, but a patent in regards to ESPN's mobile services has been unveiled, and it specifically makes mention of the iPod as a possible streaming delivery platform of sport scores and videos. Of course, this could just be ESPN covering all of its bases before the launch of its (ill-fated) Mobile ESPN, but with the incredible level of chumminess between Apple and Disney these days, we wouldn't put such a thing past 'em -- and if we can squeeze a WiFi iPod rumor out of the sitch, all the better.

[Via AppleInsider]

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