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MediDive's Asthma Freedom Snorkle


Australian company MediDive has created what it claims to be the world's first snorkle for asthmatics, finally giving those suffering from asthma the ability to go on daring diving expiditions with their local Team Zissou. MediDive's solution isn't the most complicated one, but it should get the job done. Before getting suited up for a dive, you simply remove the Metered Dose Inhaler canister from your regular asthma inhaler and insert it into the specially-designed compartment in the Asthma Freedom Snorkle; then, when you need a dose of medication, you simply use the snorkle as you would your usual asthma inhaler. Other more snorkle-oriented features include a purge valve to clear out water, a flex tube section for enhanced comfort, and an interchangeable silicon mouthpiece -- red cap not included. No word on price or compatibility with whippits, but it looks to only be available in Australia and New Zealand for the time being.

[Via Crave]

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