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Mission: Impossible III sets HD DVD / Blu-ray sales record

Darren Murph

While Paramount's Mission: Impossible III didn't make it out on one of those forthcoming three-in-one mega discs, it did get the green light on all three major formats (and a forth, too), and set some records while it was at it. While Tom's personal life has been all but personal, the general public apparently still loves him, crazy antics and all, as studio sources have pegged first-week sales at 3.7 million units, more than either of the two previous releases in the franchise. More importantly, however, is the 20,000 units that were sold on HD DVD / Blu-ray formats, which made it the "the biggest-selling next-gen title since the formats launched. But with quite a few hits slated to hit shelves soon (and during the holiday shopping season, no less), we don't expect this record to stand for too terribly long.

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