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USA Today suggests waiting on next-gen

Blake Snow

Non-hardcores only: USA Today, the nation's most circulated newspaper, weighs next-generation gaming options for the masses. They cite four selections: (A) Wait in line maybe for days for a PlayStation 3, and probably end up empty-handed; (B) Wait in a shorter line for a Wii, pocket the change and maybe be disappointed; (C) With a swipe of a credit card, go home with a well-stocked Xbox 360; and (D) Resist the temptation and do nothing.

The article's overall tone suggests (D), encouraging most to stick with current-gen systems for a bit longer, especially PS2 owners. But the paper also believes every console will do well: "You can't really make a bad choice. All three of the systems are going to have pretty solid lineups of games and they are going to be pretty fun systems to play."

[Thanks, Don Jose]

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