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Winners of the Engadget theme song contest!

Ryan Block, @ryan

We know we've taken our sweet time to judge, but we've got winners for the Engadget theme song contest from last month! Thanks to everyone who sent in your entries, we got some really great jingles and tunes inspired by your unhealthy, money-sapping obsession with electronics. We'll play these and even more entries in our next podcast, but for now check out the top entrants.

P.S. -Be sure to check out our own Paul Miller's Engadget song. He obviously wasn't allowed to enter it, but the ditty he wrote for Peter's birthday this year was a little too good not to include.

First place
Aleksandr Karpets' Engadget Jingle (MP3)

Second place
RKNY's Theme to Engadget (MP3)

Third place
Robert Lenz's Engadget Theme

Runners up
Kevin Fleming (MP3)
Justin Reznick (M4A)
Mark Rosengarten (MP3)

Engadget creepo
Paul Miller (MP3)

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