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Goats in and fish on! Our time with Zelda part 1


While Kyle's observations and documentation are spot-on for how we felt late last night as we slowly chipped away at the large, granite stone that is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, we feel we must talk a little bit more about what we've seen in the game. Kyle's humorous documentations were spot-on, however we must say there were plenty more and our ealry impressions, being around 4 hours into the game, are very good.

Note: Spoilers ahead

Early on, the game is very much a "go for" affair. As in, "go for" this and "go for" that. Initially, upon taking over as Link in Odon village, one must speak with the townsfolk and learn the basics of combat, fishing, hawk tossing and chicken sailing. Chicken sailing, for the uninformed, is the act of grabbing a chicken and jumping from a high ledge, sailing down as the chicken furiously flaps its wings in an attempt to escape you. Hawk tossing, is ... well, it's what one does when they need a beehive knocked out of a tree.

Of course, then you're fishing so you may return a stray cat to its owner so that you may purchase a slingshot. Pretty soon, some of the local kids get lost in the bad part of the woods, and you're tasked with getting them back. Soon, you're pulled into the Twilight realm and stuck as a wolf, shackled inside some prison. It's here where we meet Midna, the strange cat-like creature that talks like a 5 year old girl and likes to ride on the back of wolves. Here, Link develops some skills as the beast and may turn on his Senses at anytime, allowing him to see, and listen to, spirits trapped in the Twilight realm.

Upon escaping and getting back to "normal" H\yrule, we thought regular Link would come back and all would be as it was in the early parts of the game, however you don't always get what you want (although we hear if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need). Turns out, what we need is tears from a disbanded god of light in order to return us to our natural state. This is the second of four light gods we've encountered and worry washes over us as we wonder if this game is going to be incredibly short.

Upon retrieving the tears and bringing back the god (we cannot recall his name right now), we're turned back into regular Link and it was time we set out for the Forest Temple, our first dungeon! Sadly, this dungeon was just about the same as it was during E3 two years ago, so we got through it faily quickly. Upon completing, it was very late and we decided to call it a night.

As I write this, Kyle is currently in wolf form again and hunting down some of those elusive tears. Man, for being gods, these things sure do cry a lot.

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