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Motorola Q Pro in the wild, this time it's for Verizon Wireless

Michael Caputo

First, we heard rumors that Verizon Wireless would be getting an updated Motorla Q, then came the upgraded specs of this black beauty. Then the supposed MVNO version for Amp'd Mobile showed up in our life. Finally we had a sneak peak of what would be the HSDPA version. And now the flurry of pictures continue. However, this time it's for Verizon Wireless and unfortunately the keypad doesn't look as snazzy as its GSM counterpart. A Howard Forums member decided to give us all a little treat and show us this new rubberized black beauty. No word on what the exact specs that Verizon will be giving us, but we are sure they won't neglect us this time around. Now try not to drool and check out some more pics after the break!

Update: Coorys00, a Howard Forums member and the one that took the pictures just contacted us and let us know more about the Black Q. It turns out the device internally the same as the current CDMA Q on Verizon Wireless. The only change to the device is the black outter shell.

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