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Panasonic unveils Strada CN-NVD905U in-car GPS / head unit

Darren Murph

With Sharp throwing down a svelte in-car LCD ready to display nearly any automotive statistic (or roadtrip route) you'd ever need, and Chrysler planning to offer the MyGIG do-it-all device on upcoming vehicles, Panasonic is tossing in its own rendition to keep the competition on their heels. The Strada CN-NVD905U is an in-car navigation / head unit that boasts a 7-inch touchscreen, 30GB hard drive, built-in DVD / CD player, NAVTEQ mapping software, and support for Bluetooth handsfree operations. The trilingual GUI also touts automatic rerouting, and if you're not already tuned into XM Radio, you can access Sirius' real-time traffic data to avoid those crowded freeways on your commute back home. Additionally, it sports "iPod video connectivity" for rear seat and front passenger entertainment, but we're sure all those snazzy movie functions are kept under wraps until you throw it in park. While there's no telling how much dealers will end up charging for this in-dash machine, the Strada CN-NVD905U should start making noise (and keeping us on track) next Spring.

[Via Slashphone]

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