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Build a golf club POV to improve your swing

Cyrus Farivar

So last weekend, some of the Engadget editors were getting together at our latest country club retreat (read: miniature golf) and we were discussing over glasses of chardonnay (read: a couple of beers) how we could improve our golf swing (read: none of this ever happened). That said, we're always looking to better our game. Fortunately for us, our pal Philip Torrone over at MAKE: Blog pointed us to a detailed set of instructions on how to make a golf club POV (persistence of vision, or a device that spells out words when swung) that writes "NICE SWINGING!" if you've got that coveted golf arc down. According to Zedomax, if you spend the time and money to build this POV, it should cost about $45 and ought to take about two hours to construct. Of course, a $45 gadget won't replace your $50/hr golf coach, but it may just make you the coolest (and dorkiest) player on the back nine. (Bonus points to the first person that makes one of these that spells out Engadget, or the "e" logo).

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