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Rogers unwraps some Chocolate

Chris Ziegler

Ah, the Chocolate puns never get old, do they? Canada's Rogers is next up to experience the joys of LG's glamorous slider, this time in TG800 trim -- a model that looks entirely more like the original (and, in our humblest of opinions, most attractive) KG800 variant than the most well-known North American Chocolate, Verizon's VX8500. We can't tell for certain from the crappy photo on Rogers' site, but on top of retaining the KG800's d-pad layout, it appears that it also carries over the nifty checkerboard pattern on the numeric keypad that was conspicuously missing from the VX8500. Best of all, having been picked up by Rogers, this thing almost certainly packs a quad-band GSM radio. Our Canadian readers can go grab one now for $150 CAD after rebates on a three-year indentured servitude agreement.

[Thanks, Shaun C.]

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