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Sony Japan adds PS3 video downloads

Ryan Block, @ryan

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It's not exactly an Xbox Live Video killing app here from what we can tell, but it looks like Sony's Japanese broadband unit, So-net, has added content download support in conjunction with PlayStation 3 firmware 1.10. That is to say, if you're a proud owner of a new PS3, you'll be able to acquire digital media over their P-TV service, with video in 720p or even 1080p. Details are still sparse as we're waiting for our Tokyo branch to fill us in, but the 8Mbps H.264 downloads appear restriction free (although we doubt you can actually get them off your PS3). We'll let you know more as we do (like exactly what content this pertains to, prices, IPTV, etc.), but since it's So-net something tells us it could be a little while before digital movie downloads make it to US customers.

[Thanks, Dj NoPantsCuban]

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