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And the next-gen winner is ... IBM?

Justin Murray

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are all in a battle to get their product in your living room. Given that most consumers have either constrained time or money, they won't be able to get all three. Slice it how you may, there will be one definite winner in the next-gen marketplace; (drum roll) that winner is IBM.

Regardless of which console a consumer ultimately chooses, IBM will be getting a cut of the profits. IBM developed the processor in the Wii and Xbox 360 and IBM also has their name on Cell, along with Sony and Toshiba. Owning the processor trifecta is more than enough to make up for losing Apple's business to Intel.

No other company stands to win regardless of which console takes the top spot. Even ATI, whose chip is in the Wii and 360, could stand to take a back seat to Nvidia if the previous generation's sales numbers repeat themselves. No matter what turns out, we already know IBM won the console wars. Now that's settled, we should start arguing over which IBM chip will win.

[Thanks, Gamer Jay]

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