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Apple still doesn't really get email


Fix one problem, and another comes up. Everyone was a big fan of how Apple's .Mac webmail used to sometimes attach a text document when you simply replied to someone. I mean, I know I was utterly overjoyed to go back, copy and paste, remove the attachment, and reply. Wow, that was really easy, wasn't it? Yeah. Well now Apple has fixed that with their shiny new "Web 2.0"-ish email. Unfortunately, there's a new problem. When I reply to certain emails (usually Reply All in a list), the address is often filled out with the person's name, followed by their email address. This makes sense, as pretty much every email system in the world does this. But Apple, ever the innovator, has made this "break" your email. Trying to send will result in an error, claiming quoted contents aren't valid email addresses. Golly Apple, thanks for saving me from my own stupidity! Now I get to manually edit the addresses just to make sure they are correct. Another time waster. Don't get me started on how it's taken our favorite fruit half a decade just to build an almost-usable email client application (certainly won't be business-class anytime this decade). I mean, waiting until 2007 just to have a proper email client? Super. Anyone else not really digging Apple's lame attempts to manage email?

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