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Hyatt Hotels to offer BlackBerry Massage for overworked hands

Michael Caputo

Are your thumbs tired, cracked, or bleeding from your Treo or BlackBerry? Hyatt Hotels recognizes the stresses of it and has come up with a program especially for those overworked hands of so many PDA users. The massage is 30 minutes long and runs about $30.00 and begins with a heat treatment and "BlackBerry" balm. It ``focuses on counteracting tension on various hand and arm muscles, specifically in the thumbs and overworked wrists,'' according to a Hyatt statement. Ever since RIM came on to the mobile scene in the late 1990's, the amount of number seen by doctors for "Blackberry Thumb" have increased. Known to many as CrackBerrys, the addiction is real and is even now recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association. We don't think the amount of cases are going to go down either seeing what RIM has up their sleeve.

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