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MTV gets it right with Gamer's Week 2.0 (the spelling at least)

Last year we were very skeptical of MTV's unfortunately-named GameØRZ Week, "an unprecedented multiplatform assault of video game related programming." Just a couple days in, we reevaluated our initial gag reflex and managed to find some decent programming nestled away, comfortably, inside MTV's unprecedented assault.

So this year, we welcome the new, properly spelled Gamer's Week (2.0, natch) with less opprobrium and more hope. MTV's compiled programming across their network -- including MTV, MTV2, mtvU,, Xfire, and GameTrailers -- starting today and running until Saturday. Check out our interview with MTV News' Stephen Totilo for some insight into some of the programs, hit up the press release to get the details on the week's events so you and your TiVo can coordinate, or peep, "the one-stop-shop for all things Gamer's Week 2.0."

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