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Nintendo doesn't like next-gen optical discs

Justin Murray

Nintendo Canada's Marketing Director, Pierre-Paul Trépanier, doesn't appear to like HD-DVD or Blu-ray all too much. The sentiment doesn't shock us, especially given Nintendo's history of format choice. If anything, we can set our watch by such statements.

Trépanier told, "I think forcing a decision on consumers would certainly not be part of Nintendo's strategy." You mean like forcing us to upgrade to a DVD-enhanced Wii if we decide we want to play DVDs? He goes on to say that gaming consoles should focus on playing games -- which hardly explains the Wii's blackboard capabilities, among other nifty non-gaming options. The ire toward HD-DVD is confusing considering the drive is an optional add-on to the Xbox 360 and won't play any games.

Trépanier's opinions are all well and good, but we're getting irritated by the word "forcing" being tossed around like an old football. There are no documented cases of Sony busting into someones home, kicking them in soft places, taking $600 out of their wallet and leaving a shiny PS3 as they climb into their black helicopters. Sony isn't forcing Blu-ray onto anyone; they're putting it into their home console. It's up to the consumer to decide if the price premium the PS3's Blu-ray inclusion entailed is worth it to them. Whether or not Blu-ray is regarded as a great addition to gaming or a lame Trojan Horse has yet to be seen.

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