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Samsung unveils DMB-equipped digicam, plans HSDPA version

Darren Murph

While there's WiFi-enabled digicams available en masse, and do-it-all devices that boast DMB playback seem to be popping up everywhere, Samsung is looking forward by planning to release a digital camera that sports either of the two (or hopefully both) functionalities. Samsung was already hoping to squeeze DMB / PMP-like features into point-and-shoot offerings last year, and now the company has finally unveiled its SDC-K50/D512S, "which shows free TV programs thanks to a built-in terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) tuner." The company touts its 2.5-inch LCD as being more effective at displaying television shows than the (generally) smaller cellphone screens available. Moreover, Samsung is hoping to roll out digicams with T-Login support, which would allow a USB HSDPA modem to reside in a small slot on its enclosure, enabling users to upload photos from anywhere in the world via the SK Telecom service. The dongles have already been released for desktops, laptops, and personal media players, but stuffing one in a digital camera could eliminate the oh-so-irksome need to find a PC (or a WiFi hotspot) in order to upload shots to the web.

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