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The only thing we have to fear... is spiders

Mike Schramm

Moony on WoW Ladies is freaked out by the Burning Crusade. But unlike most of us, she's not freaked out because all the new instances look so awesome, or because she loves playing with the new races. Nope, she's freaked out because there are spiders. If you've ever been to the Spider boss in ZG (or the spider nest in LBRS), you know how creepy the creepy crawlies can get in Azeroth, but apparently on Bloodmyst Isle (a new Draenei zone), they get even creepier-- so much that she'd rather run back to Loch Modan to pass by that quest.

And surprisingly enough, a few people share her pain. I've never really been freaked out by spiders in WoW, but I was kind of sickened by my first trip into the insect nests on the eastern border of Feralas-- those winged beasts are icky for sure. And Silithus, of course, although by then I'd gotten more used to it. And some people have other fears brought on by their travels through Azeroth-- one commenter has a fear of heights that shows up from time to time while jumping off of zeppelins, and a few other players have issues with swimming really deep while that little blue bar drops. And it's not always fear-- this past weekend, I was running Baron, and it occurred to me just how disgusting the abominations are-- not only are their guts all hanging out, but they actually vomit on players they attack. That's sick, man!

Have you been freaked out or sickened by something in the game? Blizzard's great because they play on central parts of our culture when creating the World of Warcraft-- from pop stars and entertainment to myths and legends, even to our basest fears. Have they ever actually got you shaking in your Wolfrunner Shoes?

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