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Understanding the lights on the 2nd gen Shuffle

Got a new 2G shuffle? Do you know what those status lights indicate? Do you know the difference between the green-orange-orange pattern[1] and the green-orange-green-orange[2] one? What about a continuous blinking orange light[3] or red light[4]? Apple now has a nice little support article available that explains all the subtleties of the 2nd generation iPod shuffle light patterns and what they mean, complete with easy-to-follow dot patterns. I'm not sure how useful this will be to readers with color-blindness, but for the rest of us it's a pretty fascinating read.

[1] iPod shuffle error. You're going to have to restore the little bugger.
[2] Your music was not loaded properly.
[3] iPod is busy. Do not disconnect.
[4] Your battery is about to die. Right. Now.
[5] There is no footnote 5. Does anyone have some chips or pretzels?

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