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ActionDVR's "PVR on the go" stores your life


Sure, there have been plenty of helmet-cams available to vanity videographers over the years, but few of them have represented such quality dorkiness as this ActionDVR system does to the everyman. The system is based on a fairly high quality 480p CCD, inside of an all-weather, clip-on camera module, which hooks up to a clip-on mic and the DVR unit. The 3.5-inch screen on the DVR allows for instant replay of your recordings, and the whole system is backed by roughly 8 hours of battery. ActionDVR's main market right now seems to be hunters and fisherman hoping to capture their exploits for posterity, but if we're lucky it'll catch on with the YouTubers -- giving us unwashed masses some of the best dang reality television we've ever seen. This setup can be yours for $1095, but the memories could be priceless.

[Via PVR Wire]

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