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JVC's DLA-HD1 1080p LCoS projector with 15,000:1 native contrast ratio


JVC has a new top-end LCoS projector set for release with this, their 1080p DLA-HD1. This projector goes Full HD with a 1920x1080 pixel resolution pumped out that trio of 0.7-inch D-ILA devices. Those D-ILAs coupled with a new optical engine which prevents light leakage into the projection lens gives the DLA-HD1 bragging rights to the industry's highest, 15,000:1 native contrast ratio -- "true black" reproduction according to JVC without any iris mechanism. The projector operates at just 25dB in normal mode while pumping 700 lumens off a 200W ultra high pressure lamp. It also brings a 2x manual zoom/focus Fujinon lens and 4-ms response. Oh bonus, unlike the $20k Meridian Faroudja or $6k Cinetron 1080p LCoS offerings, JCV tosses in 2x HDMI inputs on top of component, S-Video, and composite inputs for just ¥798,000 (about $6,753) when these hit Japan starting in late January '07.

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