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Metareview - Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)

Blake Snow

As arguably the most anticipated PS3 launch title, Resistance: Fall of Man has a lot riding on its shoulders. So how good is the alternate history first-person shooter with an alien twist favoring in early reviews? Pretty good with positive things being said about the game's single campaign, co-op, and 40 multiplayer online modes. With a current average of four reviews equaling 90/100, here's what hasty critics are saying:

  • GameZone (95/100): "It would have been a remarkable title a year into the life of the PS3, but as it is a launch title, it is even more remarkable. With incredible graphics, an evolving story, great action and weapons, Insomniac and Sony have nailed the launch of the game and system seamlessly."
  • IGN (91/100): "From start to finish, Fall of Man is one hell of an outstanding roller coaster ride that every last PS3 owner needs for day one ... Above all else, it's the multiplayer elements that truly ascend this one to the next level. It's a must have for sure."
  • GameBrink (91/100): "When you kill an enemy it doesn't disappear and when you blow up part of the near fully destructible environments the pieces don't go away either. The obvious power of the PS3 and the masterful coding work of the developers let everything stay on screen all the time while never taking a frame hit. This is an incredible accomplishment for a launch game on any system."
  • 1UP (85/100): "Resistance falls a little short of being the hoped-for "Halo-killer," but with a package that would be considered complete by any standards, it delivers a launch classic, and it lives up to its billing as the PS3's killer app."

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