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Archronix ArcWay bridges the ZigBee-WSD divide


Canada's Archronix is out make your home a little more point-and-click friendly with its latest product, a gateway that acts as a bridge between WSD-enabled controllers (that's Web Services for Devices) and ZigBee-compliant gear. The former can include specialized home controllers like those from Exceptional Innovation and, soon, any Vista-running PC, while ZigBee devices can include everything from light switches to thermostats to, yes, robots. Problem is, the two technologies have been operating in their own corners of our excessively-automated future home; peacemakers that they are, however, Archronix has found a way to get the two to play nice with each other. Its ArcWay device simply sits between your ZigBee gear and your WSD controller, translating the ZigBee information into something more WSD-friendly and transfering it over your existing home network to your PC or WSD-enabled control unit. In demonstrating the technology, Archronix seems to have shown they have a sense of humor (at least we hope so), crafting what must be the most technologically complex means of turning on a light bulb yet devised. Ah, progress.

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