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Philips ups its FlatTV lineup with 47-inch LCD and 63-inch plasma

Darren Murph

Ok, so it's not quite as impressive as the 100-inch, Ambilight-equipped LCD Philips has to brag about, but the company has unveiled a pair of impressive FlatTV displays today at the Electronic House Expo in California. First up is the 47-inch LCD TV (47PF9441D), which touts the surely (or not) astounding 1080p spec and also features "Virtual Dolby Digital" audio, while the 63-inch plasma (63PF9631D) gets stuck with the seemingly indistinguishable 1080i and a built-in USB connector to stream images / MP3s without the need for an HTPC. Both units tout HDMI ports as well as Philips' Pixel Plus 3HD technology, which supposedly "enhances content to deliver more natural skin tones, detailed colors, and amazingly lifelike imagesgi." While further details are scant at this point, we do know that the 47-incher will run you $2,999 when it hits next month, while the currently available monstrous plasma will require $5,999.

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