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Wii vs... the 360 HD DVD drive?

Ryan Block, @ryan

We were amusing ourselves fooling around with the Wii today when we realized that Nintendo's biggest competitor this season may not actually be the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3. It's Microsoft's freaking HD DVD drive. Think about it: besides the obviously similar size (seriously, what's up with that? couldn't Microsoft slim that thing down a little?), they're the two next-gen gaming devices coming out this season closest to one another's price range; chances are you already have a 360, so when you can't get a Wii because they're all sold out worldwide, it's a fair assumption that you'll be buying (or receiving) an HD DVD drive instead. We know some of you just winced a little, but just you wait and see -- we want no whining when the box you unwrap Chrismahanukwanzakah morning turns out to be a game peripheral instead of a game system. Ok, (kindly) discuss.

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