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$100 Xbox 360 Core up for election


Amazon has kicked off its first week of "Customer's Vote" (user votes decide a weekly deal) with a doozie: $100 Xbox 360 Core Systems. There's some stiff competition though, including perennial holiday favorites like the Mongoose bike ($30) and Barbie doll ($10). There's a catch too, if selected, the Xbox 360 bargain would be limited to 1,000 units.

Let's assume the $100 Core is voted in and you secure a unit. Naturally, your end-goal is an Xbox 360 Premium System. So you'll need to invest in a hard drive ($100), wireless controller ($40), and HD cables ($40); bringing your total (including Core) to $280. That's still $120 less than the standard Premium bundle, plus you'll have an extra wired controller (and spare AV cables) -- it's also a better value than Micro Center's current rebate promotion.

Go vote! (The winner will be announced next Wednesday at 11 am PT; and will go on sale Thanksgiving morning!)

[Thanks, Vin]

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