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Analysis: Sony losing $240+ on every PS3

Kyle Orland

Market research firm iSuppli has determined that Sony will lose about $240 on every 60GB PS3 and roughly $305 on every 20GB system they sell at launch. The determination comes from iSuppli's cost analysis of the parts inside the system -- which includes a $125 Blu-Ray drive and a $129 Nvidia "Reality Synthesizer" -- and does not include additional costs from packaging, cables or the SixAxis controller.

The finding puts Sony in stark contrast with Nintendo, who said their Wii console would be profitable at launch, and Microsoft, which iSuppli determined is now making roughly $75 in profit for every Xbox 360 premium pack it sells.

While the report reveals that Sony is charging a more than fair price for what iSuppli calls an "engineering masterpiece," we have to wonder how long it will take for game and download sales to make the system even reach the break-even point financially.

[Via GameDaily]

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