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Breakfast Topic: Worried about your class?


The Burning Crusade is coming -- and with it comes numerous changes for all classes. Some of them are crazy good, and others are, well, more questionable. But with changes coming every day, I'm not sure any class can be positive what to expect. I'm a little concerned -- not that I think my class of choice, the priest, is going to be worthless, but the classes talent options don't seem to sparkle the way some other classes do. And, yes, after playing two priests up to level 60, I'm wondering if I want to play a different class in the Burning Crusade. But I don't think priests came off the worst for the current state of changes -- but who knows what will happen before Blizzard finishes their tweaking. And what about you? Do you have major worries about the state of your class? Or are you keeping up hope?

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