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CNN's Chris Morris: PS3 is not yet worth it

Ross Miller

With all the talk of PS3 shortages, it might be refreshing to hear someone say that picking the console up for launch isn't worth it. CNN's resident gamer Chris Morris reviewed the PlayStation 3 and concluded that, while it "has the potential to be all the PS2 was and more," it just isn't worth it yet. Reasons for his decision include a lackluster launch lineup, a steep price (from the perspective of a game machine, not as a Blu-ray player), and its power is not realized without a 1080p-capable TV screen.

In the long term, the PlayStation 3 could succeed in retaining Sony's dominance in the gaming field. But let's play devil's advocate for a minute: beyond bragging rights, how many of you are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars in order to play Resistance and Ridge Racer a few months before everyone else. Have those waiting in line lost that much interest in their current generation consoles?

For those bitter about not getting a PS3 tonight, consider this a mantra you can tell yourself for awhile. Morris suggests waiting until the console receives a $100-$200 price drop and some better games, but a drop that steep probably won't come until there's talk of a PlayStation 4.

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