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Joystiq Cares: Please rethink waiting in PS3 lines


We start you off with this video submitted to Kotaku of the NYC Circuit City line, just to give you a small taste of what's to come tomorrow. Reports continue to pour in that, other than certain Circuit City stores, most retail locations will not be receiving their intended, expected, hoped, dreamed, whatever you want to call it, shipments of Playstation 3 for launch. Although none of the retailer HQ's we contacted will give us their launch numbers -- because those greedy guys hope you'll walk out with another system in hand -- many retail store employees continue to send in tips that their stores are receiving fewer (if any) expected units. Although Sony still hasn't said anything official, please just look at a fraction of evidence regarding the launch numbers. There are other ways of procuring a PS3 if you're desperate and rich enough to afford one. In general, if you aren't one of the first few people in line -- don't forget the people who pre-ordered in some cases -- double check and ask exactly how many units the store will receive. That's it. Cold hard truth. But, we ain't your motha', go wait in line if you want.

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