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Polaroid's budget 32 and 20-inch LCDs hitting Japan


Polaroid - or should we say the Polaroid Holding Company -- is best known for its instant cameras budget digicams these days. Still, that's not stopping 'em from rolling out a couple of new 32-inch and 20-inch LCDs in Japan. These new panels of unspecified, though likely Chinese origin, all bring a 1366x768 resolution, 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 8-ms response, integrated digital tuner and 1x HDMI input on top of Japanese D4, S-Video, 2x composite, and D-Sub15 for the PC. The 32-inch FLJ-3235 features a 550cd/m2 brightness and 170-degree visibility while the 20-inch FLJ-2035 dims down a bit to a 500cd/m2 brightness while upping visibility to 176-degrees. While these may be Polaroid firsts for Japan, similarly spec'd and priced models can already be found at Home Depot of all places, closer to home. Invading Japan this December and priced to please at ¥100,000 (about $845) for the 32-inch model or about ¥70,000 (about $592) for the wee 20-incher. Go Polaroid uh, branding, go.

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