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Sony's new Vaio C15 laptop does a budget good


If there's one thing Sony's Vaio laptops are known for, it sure ain't being friendly on the pocket book, but this new Vaio C15, just released in Taiwan, looks to be a fierce competitor in the mid-range. Going for a mere NT$39,800 (about $1,200 US), the laptop packs a 1200 x 800 13.3-inch screen, Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66GHz processor, NVIDIA GeForce 7400 graphics, 512MB of RAM, an 80GB HDD, Bluetooth and even a DVD burner. At 5 pounds heavy, it's not exactly an ultraportable, but fancy inclusions like an ExpressCard slot and Memory Stick reader (still with the Memory Stick, Sony?) excuse a bit of that bulk. The 4 hour batter life rating ain't bad neither, especially with that dedicated graphics card hogging up the juice. All in all, it seems like Sony might have quite the winner with this model -- though there's no word yet if any of that "winning" is planned to take place over here in the US and A.

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