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Texter turns Xbox 360 controller into keyboard, sorta


Blue Orb's Texter transforms the Xbox 360's thumbsticks into a makeshift keyboard -- and comes with decals. The device plugs in between the console and gamepad, and registers as a USB keyboard. A simple double-click of the left thumbstick activates Texter, allowing users to bypass Xbox 360's clunky on-screen keyboard. But is Texter any more efficient?

Unless you take the time to memorize the character inputs (see diagram above), we're not convinced Texter warrants a purchase. But given the limits of a controller, we should give Blue Orb points for being clever. (up-right, left) (right, up) (up-right, up) (right, up-right) (RB) (left, right) (RB) (left, left) (up-left, up-left) (up, up-right) (right, left) (right, left)?

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