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Today in Joystiq: November 16, 2006

Ross Miller

Okay, it's 11:59 ... if you hurry, you might be able to rush to the front of the line. Check out the highlights for today:

Launch Talk
Joystiq Cares: Please rethink waiting in PS3 lines
Launch camping tips
Gamestop selling some Wii games early
PS3 campers shot outside Kentucky Best Buy
PS3 on eBay pulls in $10,100
Girl in Austin not sure about PS3, waits in line for fun
Least credible New York paper picks Wii over PS3
CNN's Chris Morris: PS3 is not yet worth it
Random acts of kindness for the PS3 line folk

Today's hottest game video: Official Wii commercial
Metareview - Final Fantasy III (DS)
Metareview - Warhammer: Mark of Chaos
Playing Dirty: Women on the Wii
The PlayStation Network sign up (in pictures and video)

Rare Zelda auction: bastard CD-i art & games, for charity
eBay: No PS3 for UK
Wii have no room to play
0.002% of Taiwan to get a PS3
$100 Xbox 360 Core up for election
PlayStation 3 Network live, Terms of Service loooooong!
Newsweek: Blu-ray the movie winner
Shiggy Miyamoto celebrates 54 years of never growing up
Texter turns Xbox 360 controller into keyboard, sorta
PSP homebrew eLoader for 2.80, cheer
Many Wii online functions not ready for launch
Nintendo to reconsider better graphics after high-def "takes off"
Nintendo sells out of Wii component cables
MTV's unaired Mass Effect preview

Analysis: Sony losing $240+ on every PS3
Analyst: Sony to win big in long run

Play Guitar Hero with your shirt (on)
Run Linux on the Wii? Oh, WiiLi
Most shocking game. Ever.
TV and game writing compared
The 10 worst launch titles
Mario & Peach can't shake gender stereotypes
The truth about gold farming

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