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22Moo intros SeepuStar iPod-compatible video glasses


22Moo today introduced the SeepuStar DV230, a portable, wearable display - a pair of glasses designed to display a 35-inch flicker-free, enhanced definition virtual screen. It can be connected to virtually any video source, including the video iPod, DVD player, Xbox, Playstation, etc. and the "display" is adjustable to provide an optimal viewing angle. It has adjustable arms to fit even the biggest pumpkin heads and can even be worn by those of us who already wear prescription glasses. The DV230 (I refuse to continue typing the word SeePu, because I am just that juvenile) is expected to ship on Nov. 22nd for $250, with the following specs:

Virtual Display Size: 35 inches, 2m away
Resolution : 320*240 (220,000 pixels -QVGA), full colour
Video Signal : Auto-selecting PAL or NTSC.
Power Consumption : <450mW
Lithium Battery : 6-8 Hours playback
Audio : Built-in stereo speakers
Included Accessories:
Viewer Controller, Lithium Ion Polymer 750mAh battery, AC Power Adapter, Audio/Video Cables, RCA Barrel Cable, Nose Bridges, USB Charging cable and user's manual.

There's simply no way to wear these things and not look like you walked out of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And I can't imagine this is comfortable viewing for the farsighted among us - but I'll reserve judgment on that until I actually try a pair, which I absolutely plan to do.

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