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A special message from Nintendo Wii Fanboy

Jason Wishnov

It's here, folks. For many of us, years of waiting ends tomorrow at 12:01 AM, a mere twenty-four hours from now. And indeed, perhaps almost as fun as the Wii itself will be the camping out, braving the elements with your fellow Nintendo die-hards. But, a word of caution.

As you very well may know, the PS3 launch was horrendously chaotic. Reports are still coming in from around the country on various shootings, robberies, mayhem, and general discourtesy. It's true that Nintendo will have a larger initial stock, but the demand is no less. We at the Fanboy kindly ask that you show patience and kindness during your launch-day festivities, and remember that you're all there for a common purpose. Should you fail to claim a system on the day of, please, show respect and courtesy to those around you regardless. A few days truly isn't that long in the grand scheme of the things, and the last thing we want is to see someone get hurt over something designed to bring enjoyment and fun to the masses.

And with that out of the way, it's time to rock this thing. Nintendo Wii, here we come!

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