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CNN/Money: Wii is like a Mini Cooper

Blake Snow

After recommending a "wait and see" approach to buying a PS3, CNN/Money's Chris Morris says the Wii is "a heck of a lot of fun." The game columnist likens the PS3 and 360 to powerful and flashy Lamborghinis whilst comparing the Wii to a peppy Mini Cooper; not going to win any speed races, but handles like butta. He believes, as many, that Nintendo's "gutsy decision" to go against the grain may very well pay off in terms of a boost to its market share.

From the review: "One important note: Graphics aren't great on Wii games. In fact, they're generally on par with current generation systems, but Nintendo's betting that won't be a factor. If anything comes back to haunt them as we move later into this cycle in the industry, it will be graphical quality. For now, though, the innovative controls more than make up for the difference."

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