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Japanese hardware sales, 6 November - 12 November: Supply and demand edition

Jason Wishnov

You can hear the cries from the rooftops:

"OMG the PS3 sold out rofl fastest in world!!!111oneone"

"It is teh greatest system evar!"

"Chim-chiminny chim-chiminny chim-chim, cheroo..."

And yes, it's true, the PS3 did sell out every single available unit within minutes of 12:01 AM last week, driving a majority of gamers, cold and hungry, empty-handed through the night. Certainly, we can allow ourselves a little bit of pride, though, right? Yes, as expected, the DS Lite outsold the brand-spanking-new PS3 by a considerable margin this week, despite the two-year-plus availability. Sony's Japanese allotment of the PS3 was nothing short of pathetic, and when those savvy Japanese gamers weigh the risks and rewards of the purchase, the DS Lite (which has reached the point of being able to walk up to a random eighty-year-old on the street and expect him to have at least one on him at any given moment) looks mighty shiny. Besides, they hate first-person shooters.

So hear this: we expect the DS Lite to outsell PS3 (in Japan) by a factor of 6.13 throughout the holiday season. That includes this week, and will run until the final full week in 2006. Make your guesses, ladies and gents, and we'll see who comes the closest!

- DS Lite: 148,174 35,077 (31.01%)
- PS3: 81,639 81,639 (N / A)
- PSP: 19,123 4,602 (19.40%)
- PS2: 16,157 4,825 (23.00%)
- Xbox 360: 3,864 2,716 (41.28%)
- GBA SP: 1,320123 (8.52%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,213 86 (6.62%)
- Gamecube: 496 151 (23.34%)
- DS Phat: 279 94 (25.20%)
- GBA: 12 8 (40.00%)
- Xbox: 3 3 (N / A)

[Source: Media Create]

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