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Nokia prepping N97 "multimedia computer"?


As much as we love to give Nokia crap for calling these S60 smartphones of theirs "multimedia computers," it's getting harder and harder to argue with the moniker. The purported specs on Nokia's upcoming N97, supposedly pictured above, include a 20GB HDD, "3D stereo speakers," 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and 2.4x optical zoom, 15fps video recording, a 3-inch screen, FM radio, miniSD, 400+ hour standby time, 4+ hour talk time and 24+ hour music playback. There's no real confirmation of all this, and the original source is in Hungarian -- always a shady sign -- but the truth is that it's really going to take specs like this to even register interest in light of its predecessor, the crazy-decked N95.

[Via Electronista; thanks Jonathan]

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