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PS3 is following in 360's footsteps

Justin Murray

We're all familiar with the Ring of Death on the 360. If you see it, you know it is time to pull out the extended warranty slip -- or shell out another $400 -- because you're going to need it. Sony couldn't have any of that and are countering with their own: the Red Button and Beep of Death.

A newly purchased PS3 (and owner) had played Tony Hawk's Project 8 for a grand total of 30 minutes when the PS3 decided it didn't want any more of that. Maybe THP8 made the unit sick, the game doesn't exactly have a great image (pun intended). In any case, this is one unhappy PS3 consumer.

Sony is certainly starting to push their luck with these PS3 problems. Yes, the 360 had its own set of issues, but we figure Sony should have learned from Microsoft's mistakes; instead we get this mess. We wish they'd put just a smidgen of quality assurance behind their product. Let's hope Nintendo doesn't break its streak of quality hardware; a triple play may turn consumers off console gaming. Check after the break for the video.

[Thanks, Kumar Shah]

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