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Ronda's Media Chair revokes desires to visit the outside world

Darren Murph

If you think the weekend was meant for kicking back in your ZipConnect Massage chair, or that uber-comfy Aeron apparatus for those fortunate enough -- we completely agree -- but Ronda's Media Chair makes even the most technologically advanced seats look like child's play. Sporting a stylish, modern design with questionably tall armrests, the Media Chair comes pre-loaded with a personal computer and a good reason to never leave the safe, familiar confines of your living room. Hanging off a polished aluminum swing arm is a fanless PC packing a 1.0GHz Intel Celeron processor, 512MB of RAM, Intel's 855 GME integrated graphics set, 20GB hard drive, built-in stereo speakers, USB 2.0, and the obligatory Ethernet / WiFi connections. You also get a 10.4-inch 800 x 600 resolution display, mini keyboard with integrated mousing device and "background illumination," and can get connected even in remote locations thanks to the optional UMTS unit. While we aren't quite sure how much coin you'd have to lay down to pick up this masterpiece of furniture design, we're sure the feeling of having everything you need all within arm's reach is indeed priceless.

[Via Uber-Review]

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