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Comcast adds several HD channels, Golf Channel / Versus HD due in January

Darren Murph

Considering Comcast has been on a mild HD-adding frenzy of late, it's not too much of a surprise to learn that the firm has added yet another run of high definition options to its (arguably) robust lineup. Motor City users over at AVS have confirmed the addition of A&E HD, Universal HD (it's back?), National Geographic HD, and Fox Sports Net Detroit HD, which brings their total HD selection to 21 channels. Additionally, it looks like the removal of INHD-2 has brought about a separate, new channel that will be used to simulcast The Golf Channel during daylight hours while queuing up Versus (formerly known as The Outdoor Life Network) content at night. This will presumably solve the quandary Comcast has with needing an additional outlet to showcase all that HD-quality hockey it owns without HDNet, and should be available for your enjoyment in January. So, any of you folks not in Michigan receiving any sweet bonuses from Comcast in terms of HD offerings?

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