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Motorola's KRZR K1 to get snazzy new colors?

Darren Murph

Ah, there's nothing like adding functionality additional color schemes to a cellphone in order to generate more sales, and nobody's better at getting it done than Moto. While the KRZR had plenty of hype backing it, it hasn't been around quite long enough to get Motorola's oh-so-typical color-changing treatment (a dash of white notwithstanding), but that's apparently about to change. While details aren't certain just yet, it looks like the company may have two new variants coming down the pike for "Q4 2006" (just in time for the holidays?), but all specs should remain exactly as they current are. Purportedly aiming to hit the market in both black and "silver quartz," the newfangled KRZRs are actually fairly mild considering some of the variations we've seen, but we all know that lime green, fairly tale pink, and candy apple red are (probably) waiting just around the corner.

[Thanks, RandomStranger]

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