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We hear you, no more Wii at the inn


Just one of the many launch day stories we have of the Wii being sold out:

Buying a Wii on launch day (trying to) OR :"Why you can't get freaking anything without camping out until midnight anymore."

As I walked into the Best Buy in Farmington, New Mexico, fifteen minutes after it had opened, I was greeted by two employees, who were repeatedly shouting, "WHEEEEEEEEEE!" over and over again. They were standing behind a table that had boxes on it, so I figured this was the right place, and walked over.

"You sir, you look as though you could use a Wii hat," said the first one.

"Why do you need a Wii hat you ask?" The second one butted in. They obviously had a routine going.

"Good question! It keeps your head warm!"

"It boosts your confidence!"

"You can store games in it, all this and more."

"You should pick up a Wii hat right now!" One of them said, lifting up one of the boxes he had at his table, which I could now see did not contain Wiis, but instead had Wii hats inside them.

"Especially since we have no more Wiis in stock," the other mumbled very quickly.

They went back to shouting "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" as I shuffled back to my car.

[Thanks Srol]

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