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Xbox wants your Pop-Tarts

Kevin Kelly

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Joystiq stumbled across this while looking for something extremely sugary to keep us up through the Wii launch event in Los Angeles. Lo and behold, Xbox 360 + Pop-Tarts = free beanie. If you send in three Pop-Tarts UPCs and the official order form by next New Year's Eve (that's 2007, folks) you'll snag yourself a beanie, assuming you bought a toaster instead of a PlayStation 3.

Is it just us, or is this a pretty wacky advertisement? Do people actually still clip and save UPC codes and send 'em in for free schwag? The little guy on the box seems to be pretty jazzed about the hat, or else he's afraid it's about to crush him. If that's not enough, check out the back of the box where a pony-tailed girl admires the hat from afar. Those poor girl gamers, always on the sideline, never wearing the hat.

The best part of the box is the "actual design may vary" caveat next to the hat. It would really make our day if Microsoft managed to substitute "Windows Vista" beanies instead.

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