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A handy chart for Next Gen warfare


If you invest much of your time in tracking the current leader of the "Next Gen" console wars, we have a new toy for you. NexGen Wars is a website designed exclusively to track the sales numbers of the three next gen consoles. Unsurprisingly, the Xbox 360 is currently in the lead with 7,112,165 consoles sold (still hoping for 10 million this year, MS?), Wii is in second with 661,881, and the PS3's supply woes peg it at third place with 258,218. We have no idea where these numbers came from, and the website gives no sources, but right now things are looking great for the curvy white box. However, beyond the simple tracking of sales numbers, the site also allows users to vote on which will win. As of this post, Wii is in the lead with 52.7% of the vote, followed by 360 at %29, and PS3 with 18%.

Is any of this accurate? Who knows, but it will undoubtedly give fuel to many a fanboy fire. Will it become the IMDB of videogame geeks, ending arguments on the spot? Only time will tell.

[Thanks, Justin U]

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